Social Nudism At The Wisconsin Grateful Garcia Gathering Where Nudists Roam Free!

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Nudism In Wisconsin – Garcia Fashion
Wisconsin Nudism – My first encounter with nudism and with being around nudists was in the summer of 2012 at the Grateful Garcia Gathering in Wisconsin. I hadn’t really given that fact much thought until my buddy and I finally arrived at the gathering in Wisconsin. It was my first festival and I really didn’t understand what to expect.
Within the first few minutes, it became quite clear that this isn’t your typical music festival. Nudists roamed wherever they liked. Piercings adorned areas that are usually concealed from view and painted naked breasts were plentiful. Although this was quite surprising, I can’t actually say it was unnerving in the slightest. This was a music festival – a place of freedom, nudity and love.
The first night was hit with a very violent thunderstorm. A few tents were destroyed and some of the vendors’ merchandise was damaged, but overall everything was handled rather nicely. My Buddy and I did not have our tent set up yet, so we met up early in the morning after eventually drying off and slept in the car.
After that tumultuous night we decided it was time to set up camp. We had brought a big 10×10 canvas tent that neither of us had set up before. As you might imagine, we had quite a bit of trouble setting it up. Two of our camping neighbors, a husband and wife, who’d just shown up that morning came over and enthusiastically helped us outside. I didn’t think much about the couple until later that night when I walked around to their campsite. As it turns out, the husband was a nudist.
Wisconsin Nudism At The Grateful Garcia Gathering
He was quite open about nudism and the fact he was a naturist. When he was a child, his mother could never keep clothes on him. To him, the independence of being naked outdoors was so appealing that it was almost irresistible. Despite him being naked, the conversations between us weren’t cumbersome at all. He was simply expressing himself, just as anyone else does through their selection of what they wear or hairstyle, merely that in this case he was entirely naked.

Nudists are too quickly labeled as being sick, swingers, perverted, exhibitionists and the like. In reality, these individuals are just like anyone else. They just love being family naturist pictures free ! Everyone should see a nudist resort or a nudist beach sooner or later in their own life, even if there want to remain clothed. Visiting this kind of location can be seen as a lesson in tolerance, open mindedness, freedom and the human spirit.
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