AANR And FKK – Wondering What Went Down?

The Problems Between AANR and FKK Explained
Hey everybody I am back from my little hiatus! All the craze of the holidays and throwing our Unclothed Year’s Eve party put out the blogging, but now here’s the newest news of us.
You may have seen some on-line yak in several places about us and AANR- The America Association For Nude Recreation. If you haven’t you have got a lot to catch up on also! We started up some debating in press releases, sites and comments, and so forth.
AANR and Naturist Portal
First check out this press release we sent out, “Young Nudists Reveal the AANR how it is done”. (That got their attention.)
Then http://nudistsplace.com/first-time-nudist-stories/skinny-dipped-while-family-was-clothed/ interviewed and wrote us a terrific post on his website! Read here.
Next, their blog response about us, “Can’t nudist groups only all get along?” The comments are very interesting to read!
Then there is also Nudiarist’s follow-up site, “Disappointing Answer from AANR” which has some remarks to read too.
Last, but not least, our response in a press release!
“Naturist Portal Reponse to AANR”
Young Naturists & Nudists America was founded to encourage the naturist movement and through this movement, body acceptance, particularly among the 18-35 generation. Despite what our name might suggest, we do not have an age limit, and we accept all people regardless of race, body jewelry, sexual orientation, single or not single, etc. We understand about nice topless beach , like Vita Nuda; we’ve even been involved with Vita Nuda in Florida, but recognized its lack of existence in the northeast since its inception.
We contacted AANR through different avenues, but they did not respond. For the record, we weren’t looking for cheap headlines or to knock the AANR, but rather to make them take notice of the younger folks in the movement and the function that they’ve / should play. Moreover, it truly is easy to have a following in places like Florida, but to create something in our region it appears like if things are tough then organizations will not be willing to invest money and time. With the backing that big organizations have, why do 3 young people must invest all their savings and most of the time to create something while the biggest organization doesn’t even offer any acknowledgement let alone support?
We should all get along, and for FKK it is more of a moral issue. In all honesty, the movement is one thing and money is something else. Being pleasant and encouraging is amazing, but we all have rent to pay- America and the naturist movement are both(for all intent and purposes) capitalists so money is the target for most of them. We are one of the only groups we know of that is willing to lose time and money for the cause. Just like any business or movement, FKK will need to locate a way to make some money as well; otherwise we will not be able to live, but that is in no way our main goal. If the AANR is here to signify different clubs then they may be wise to keep out of many contentious issues; but if they’re to be “our” representatives then they must get off the sidelines and take action.
Lastly, we welcome criticism, thoughts and opinions so if anyone has any issue with FKK or its members then please try to contact us directly first, instead of attacking us from afar.
Since the start of all this chatter AANR has emailed us, apologized for miscommunication and posted a reference about our approaching Bare Year’s Eve on their site, so for that we should thank them. We hope to create a positive line of communication from here on out and perhaps some cooperation in the future!
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Nudiarist for his commitment to the cause and excellent blog. Keep up the good work!
YouthfulYoung Naturists & Young Naturists America
That is the entire story! Please comment and why don’t we know what you think of it all! It is always good to ignite discussion 🙂
Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK
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